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A&H Club Volume 1

A&H Club Volume 1 is available on Amazon! This consists of the first 3 issues of the comic in one convenient (?) paper format! Includes bonus art, which cost more to include, so you'd better be happy!

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Sometimes it’s a struggle to merely tread water

A single mother and her loveable-horrible devil child have lost their home and need to rely on the kindness of a friend. A domestic comedy-drama about the evolution of relationships, both real and false.


Q: Why do none of the characters wear pants?

A: Because it’s my story and I need to make it fun for me.

A&H Club #1

Adrian’s at the end of her rope–no money and a small child to feed.

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A&H Club #2

Hilde’s been invited to dinner by an old college fling, but why do the circumstances seem so strange?

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A&H Club #3

Adrian’s having bad luck even in her classes–but is that about to turn around with a surprise gift?

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