Hayven Celestia

The laws benefit the lawmakers

Space is vast. Though worlds are plentiful, in the end their rulers are the ones with the strength and technology to conquer and hold. Who can stand in their way?

This is not about power, but the survival of those who carve out a life for themselves and dream of a place they might call home.

Short Story

Ten Thousand Miles Up

The crew of the White Flower II has been trapped on the slave ship for several generations, only serving their impossibly powerful overlords in seeking out new planets for them to overrun. Is there a way to break the cycle?

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Skeleton Crew

by Gre7g Luterman

Set before the events of Ten Thousand Miles Up, a geroo aboard the White Flower II named Kanti has a dire problem–his birth was never authorized. And with the strict rules the krakun lord over their slave ships, such a problem might spell trouble for every hand onboard.

I’d like to thank Gre7g Luterman dearly for the amount of effort he put into this novel; although a number of facts changed between 10k Miles Up and Skeleton Crew, this is nevertheless the kind of story I love to read and always hope to inspire. I hope you all enjoy it too!

This is now the new Thurston Howl edition of the book, which I also have illustrated for your space kangaroo enjoyment.


Small World

by Gre7g Luterman



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